Sunday, August 30, 2009

Burning from Within

This poem will appear in my new book of poems "The Hidden Largest". I sent 200 booklets containing this poem to the Burning Man Festival, 2009. Maybe you got one?

Burning from Within

The glow of the fire,
fissured wood now breathing,
breath against the ear,
tongue in the mouth seeking,
sure to find the lava of being alive
of burning from within.

I’m not cold, I’m not the fire—

some heat that welds proton
to nucleus also fastens me to
this body, I don’t have to do anything
about it, spontaneous, not even
craft the matches used to start this campfire
my awareness the lichen on river stones
encircling the perimeter—
strike stroke straight into spark
surrender shifting core of coals
sweating sure of strength of mass
muscle and melting movement merge
substance ignited and igniting

Ash is left
after passion,
infused in a base of rose oil
rubbed onto the heart.