Saturday, May 21, 2011

Upcoming Cyanotype Workshops with Heather Leavitt Martinez

Spending the day at Willow Tail Springs with Heather Leavitt Martinez was a highlight of my summer last year. I attended a Botanical Cyanotype Workshop she taught and it was my second experience with her in using the process of ultraviolet light and water to expose and develop photographic images. Cyanotype was the first print out process in photography and as an amateur photographer, I feel at home with it. It feels impossible to mess up (since Heather has the supplies ready to go) and the process is so fantastically interesting and engaging to produce that with each one I gained further insight into what I could do next. Heather's integration of the local landscape gives the work a place-based and organic quality. We spent time collecting plants, flowers and found objects to expose using treated paper, glass, sunlight and water. I was intrigued that this simple process could elicit continuing creativity from participants. People became more and more enthusiastic as their idea of what was possible to produce with this medium kept evolving. It was a day of shared inspiration, fun and relaxation.

I highly recommend the upcoming workshop. Peggy and Lee of Willow Tail Springs are wonderful hosts. The day begins with a tour of their amazingly intact Juniper/Pinon forested land, lush gardens (including a bowling ball collection that doubles as garden sculpture), and handcrafted buildings and artist studios. Their aesthetic and love of the southwestern landscape will seep into your bones and ignite your creativity just by being around them. Heather is a fine teacher and her humor and energy are contagious.

Beginning Botanical Studies:
Saturday, June 4, 2011
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Advanced Film and Toning
Saturday, June 25, 2011

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