Thursday, September 29, 2011

StarBirds by Renee Podunovich

Here is something new from my current body of work. Enjoy!


I. Night Narratives

stars speak words in her dreams.
she is lifted up in the cup of stellar hands
to the mouths of starbirds,
whispering of unfathomable and limitless expanses,
dispersing space
and the condensation of particles.
In the day, she listens for her star heart
that spoke to her dream self.
it guides her like a ship
setting sail in full knowledge
of its own character.
At night, at sea—
the sky becomes the landscape,
strewn with exact locations
that can be relied upon for navigation
through the shadows and the shadow
she allows her path to be charted by that luminous structure,
sure and dazzling in the decadence of darkness
and the habit of forgetting

II. Light of Day

just one article of clothing, if removed,
would reveal her naked body,
standing upright in red rock canyon
where sunning lizards on sandstone
blink and alert her,
to stop putting her head in the night sky.
in bright daylight, each constellation
is reflected in the placement of these stones.
this moment is stone and heat on stone
and creatures seeking that captured warmth.
if she could stand to be alone, with no one as witness,
the ancient eyes of the canyon,
the vivid light of day,
the quantum blue atmosphere
would expose each factor that makes her unique
and yet totally and absolutely

the persona becomes a scab
or eggshells. shed or otherwise

- Renee Podunovich, 2011