Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Let the Scaffolding Collapse" Now in Print (by Renee Podunovich)

My newest chapbook "Let the Scaffolding Collapse" from Finishing Line Press is now in print.
You can order it at the Finishing Line Press website.

Here is the title poem of the book:

Let the Scaffolding Collapse

Trust the empty spaces.
Let the scaffolding collapse.
Let the collapse be eggplant
sliced thin, breaded,
sizzling in olive oil
layered with Romano cheese, basil
and marinara.
The plate, the table, the
fork and knife.
The view from the window—
a field of old dandelions
white manes ready
to enter the open space of the wind,
to travel and journey around seed
source, source of the moment, the moment
is eating, eating is empty,
in emptiness I’m full.

Trust the dandelions,
the order of shortened days,
lengthening darkness, rain
and rusted leaves dropped. Drop
the mind, the image of self as eggplant.
Let hot oil

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pop: Hear It, See It

Last summer, I read my poem "Pop" on Lame Town Review. The episode features several writers reading their work. It is a great mix of music and spoken word, with cricket chirps, dog barks and other neighborhood noises infiltrating the backyard studio. You can listen to it here.

But if your ears are full and you would rather use your eyes:


her hat doesn’t fit.
the knit shrunk on hot wash.
wool now boiled into a cap
that won’t even suit a Magpie.
she pulls it off her head.
suddenly. cool air picks up
hair like each strand is a string
of a kite now dancing with static
electricity and gnosis.
that sweaty wad of knotted yarn
is no longer able to top
the dreams and visions popping
like castanets. clicking and ricocheting
over interior symmetry with poetic
the distillation of cosmos
into cranium. congestion.
yank the wires from the connections.
chaos and haywire. knocking on
the empty noggin.
the sound rumbles like a djembe deep
in the voracious night.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boston Literary Magazine features Podunovich in Writers in the Spotlight

I had a great conversation with Robin Stratton of Boston Literary Magazine recently when she interviewed me for Writers in the Spotlight. I enjoyed the interview process with her immensely. It was more of a conversation than an interview and it helped me think deeply about what it is exactly that I love about writing poetry. It was good to reflect on what poetry means to me and why I feel compelled to share it with others. You can read the article HERE!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Podunovich Announces New Chapbook with Finishing Line Press

I am happy to announce that my new poetry collection from Finishing Line Press, Let The Scaffolding Collapse, is coming out this fall and I'm so excited about it.

***The 6-week pre-order period has started! Every book ordered now will determine the number of books printed in the press run. If you are considering buying a book (and maybe one for a friend?) please consider ordering between May 28th-July 13th if you can. The difference one book can make in the press run is significant. I appreciate all the support over the years!! It has truly allowed me to keep pursuing my passion for writing poems!

Here is how to do it: Order Now Online.

  “These are poems of thirst and hunger, more hiss than hush, more jazz, more blaze, more pluck. Renee Podunovich has a ferociousness to her work that pulls us in and pushes us to step outside what is comfortable into the world that is charged and changing.” -Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, The Miracle Already Happening and Holding Three Things at Once,

 “Renee Podunovich excels in her newest collection. The journey through these evocative vignettes leads us to the powerful understanding that we need to "Trust the empty spaces" and "let the scaffolding collapse." The characters in each poem reflect our own Divine Human Experience, and Podunovich treats our vulnerabilities with tenderness and wise insight.” -Robin Stratton, Editor, Boston Literary Magazine, author On Air and Then She Ran,

If you’ve already ordered Let The Scaffolding Collapse, my sincere thanks. In that case, would you please consider passing along the info to a friend? Please note that if you place your order during the pre-order period (before July 13th), shipping is only $1.99 per copy.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Podunovich Selected as Finalist for New Women's Voices Series by Finishing Line Press

I'm delighted to be chosen as a finalist in the New Women's Voices annual chapbook competition by Finishing Line Press. They will release my new collection of poems "Let the Scaffolding Collapse" in the fall. Expect a 6-week pre-release marketing tsunami from me later this spring!

One of my poems is getting "re-blogged" a bit. "This Poem is Not About Me" was published by RATTLE Magazine last year and is finding its way out into the blogosphere. I hope it is having a nice time out there!

You can read it at mother-ground.