Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Let the Scaffolding Collapse" Now in Print (by Renee Podunovich)

My newest chapbook "Let the Scaffolding Collapse" from Finishing Line Press is now in print.
You can order it at the Finishing Line Press website.

Here is the title poem of the book:

Let the Scaffolding Collapse

Trust the empty spaces.
Let the scaffolding collapse.
Let the collapse be eggplant
sliced thin, breaded,
sizzling in olive oil
layered with Romano cheese, basil
and marinara.
The plate, the table, the
fork and knife.
The view from the window—
a field of old dandelions
white manes ready
to enter the open space of the wind,
to travel and journey around seed
source, source of the moment, the moment
is eating, eating is empty,
in emptiness I’m full.

Trust the dandelions,
the order of shortened days,
lengthening darkness, rain
and rusted leaves dropped. Drop
the mind, the image of self as eggplant.
Let hot oil