Friday, May 31, 2013

How Not to Feel Bad About Your Neck: Poem by Renee Podunovich

Tonic Moment: Terra Firma by Francis Berry

I recently read The Banjo Clock by Karen Garthe for a poetry workshop at Westminster College in SLC, UT. I was inspired by this poet's innovative use of language. One critic states, "For Karen Garthe, poetry is a molotov cocktail...bringing language to new life from the inside..." I was quite influenced by her work, especially her post-modern sensibility.

In post-modern literature, meaning becomes fragmented or paradoxical and the poet's work is not an isolated creation. In this poem, all the words were found in In Style Magazine and I've employed the technique of pastiche to highlight the chaotic, pluralistic and information-drenched aspects of post modern society. I was stunned by how this collage of words from ads has a transcendental tone, one that falls into snarky commentary at times because we recognize the cliches.

How Not to Feel Bad About Your Neck

The truth is the deeper we dive
True love has a color: daffodil. Twirl into new vivids,
Come alive.
The more remarkable we become—
Take our eyes off. Endure
every wrong note. Brighten                 the gray day, comfortable.

Being happy, having choices, absolutely:
You’ll absolutely glow      from the ground up, gratitude.
Surefire (spike, parse, boost, zap)                  Emerald plays well.

D├ęcolletage, a lovely state of mind:  pieces that pop

(I am unlimited, transformation, precious, radiance)
Healing power   Grace loves.   Luminous finish
Look, it’s all coming back again:  just follow gravity    # hidden power
It’s now.

-Renee Podunovich, 2013