Thursday, June 25, 2015

Black&White or Lavender: Integration of Opposites

Plein Air Writing Project, Red Butte Gardens, SLC,UT Overarching goal: to connect to the self and the numinous through creative process in nature. Short-term goal: Allow this and that. Lesson: Integration of Opposites

Entering the vegetal world of the garden feels like entering another realm, one in which bees, sun and lavender are most important, and the checklists piled on my desk at home fade to a nagging memory. Yet both worlds exist simultaneously. I watch silvery butterflies on a voyage through the fragrance garden, inhale the pungent, sharp smell of lavender blossoms crushed between my fingers, feel the cool spray and hear the air-meeting-water sound of the sprinklers. I judge all of this to be pleasant and easy. Still, the image of my cluttered desk and the tasks waiting there arise in my mind. These, I associate with stress, pressure and unpleasantness. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Connecting to the Wise Self: Allowing

Plein Air Writing Project, Red Butte Gardens, SLC, UT   

Overarching goal: To connect to the wise self and the numinous through creative process in nature. Short-term goal: Just sit down and write already. Lesson: Allowing         

In a plein air setting, there are elements to contend with. And they are beyond my control. Storm clouds. They gestate on the backbone of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, rolling and rolling. Insects. I imagine the pause, the space between their delicate wings. Their “zzz” is an invitation to settle now. 

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