Sunday, August 6, 2017

Swimming With Sedna

"Playful Sedna" by Kakulu Saggiaktok

Slide the shoulder under,
I am (not) a fish
but that same liquid
is (in) my cells.

I sink into the unconscious like Sedna—
the girl whose dismembered fingers
were lobbed into the sea
where they became all the whales 
and other gilled (but limb-lacking) creatures,
became Waddell Seals and Walruses, hidden
yet calling out from arctic ice shelves (now melting)

a backward birth of shadowy progeny—
we swim forever with our lost selves.

when her own father tosses her from the boat,
she gradually descends,
her sickening hair floating free above her head,
swaying like seaweed, the texture of moss, 
like fennel fronds (that fragrance)
down to dark depths where light doesn’t illuminate

finally submerged to a place where bones
are crystalline establishments
broadcasting through mineral messages
a connection to eternity and stardust

do not despair.
eventually she becomes a Sea Goddess
who will visit the strange ocean of your dreams

-Renee Podunovich, 2017