Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Creating Art Space in Montezuma County & Summer Solstice Love Poem

Summer of Love / Garden Party
Creating venues for art exhibits is a creative challenge here in the rural underground. I am excited to be involved with a group of local artists and thinkers who are trying to leap this barrier. Several exciting venues are being born this very summer!

Movable Modern Exhibit Walls at Sharehouse
designed by Sam Lyons
You can donate money now to Montezuma Food Coalition whose mission is to enhance food equity in Montezuma County by partnering local growers with streamlined avenues for distributing food and addressing hunger. As part of that vision, equity around distributing art and supporting artists was identified, and the Sharehouse warehouse space will be hosting arts workshops all summer. Local artist, Sam Lyons just finished these sleek, movable exhibition walls and several shows are in the works. 

I will be hosting a poetry workshop at the Sharehouse on Aug. 3rd- details at my website

Calla Lily Language, fused collage on wood
by Renee Podunovich
Local restaurants are also hosting exhibits. Currently, a Calla Lily themed show is at Gustavo's Cantina in Cortez, CO. Show runs 6/15-7/30 and all works are for sale. I am happy to have a piece in the show titled "Calla Lily Language" (Fused Collage, 12"x12" on wood). 

I continue to find that this corner of the world feeds me, literally and artistically. In this corner of the world, the sidewalk ended approximately 36 miles to the east, and there is a freedom, a wildness that I relish in such isolation. Yes, there is a lack of certain pleasures that I loved in the city, but there is another hunger in me that only this open space and the cracks in the sidewalk seem nourish. 


Sago Lilies
by Renee Podunovich

Flowers for Poets

I wake to Sago Lilies—
two stems of elegantly pale flowers
he picked for me in the field
                        he was irrigating,
                        setting water loose onto land,
                        guiding its flow, letting it move
                        to the places that thirst the most.

He knows how to handle precious things:
with care, caressed, soothed, the lightest touch,
steady, invited, never forced or coerced.
Last night, he took my hand,
showed me how he had placed them
in a blue glass on my writing desk.
                        “They are closed tonight,” he said,
                        holding me next to his warmth
                        under the gentle Strawberry Full Moon.
                        He assures me, “They will open again tomorrow.”

Every morning, I write poems to heal fragments,
and the lilies open their subtle bodies as dawn ripens.
With him, it is always safe to open—
                        his heart is the core of these blossoms,
                        the yellow and amethyst,
                        the sepal and stamens.
                        I fall in, again and again,
                        to the perfection of this design,
                        into a love that invites me
                        toward my own healed center.

This is how he loves me:
                        Sago Lilies offered to my heartwords

-Renee Podunovich, 2019