Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Eclipses of Summer: Poetry for the Lunatic Moon

Summer Lunacy

Spinning out into sunshine
the way it pulls us all toward
its glowing, heat, desire
on skin, sweat, buzzing
insects, cricket hum, songs of self
unsleeping, the outermost expression
of all that was imagined in dream ice.

I sway with the delight of sap,
pollen, swollen motion of wind
in petals, the land lush beneath
bare feet. I am open,
I am going mad, losing grip
on what I thought I was,
letting myself disrobe, that old skin—       
            the one I didn’t choose,
            I wore it to survive,
            a covering that no longer serves me.

Valerian flowers, unadorned, praise a sliver of moon,
that goddess, crescent and disappearing,
stripping off the lacy slip of shine
she wore all month, now
she is unknown, even to herself,
there is no establishing dominance
or control over her hidden countenance.

Dark moon and overshadow: kneel before her,
            — empty —
inside the panicked heart, she rubs
her chaos into my fear,
a balm that finally soothes
            the not knowing,
            the beyond logic,
            the trying not to see
            anything but that darkness,
giving way to senses unbound, swirl stars,
hushed breath, shimmer deep, liberated
in nectar of night and eclipsed light.

- Renee Podunovich, July 2019