Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Wilderness of Sleep: Poetry of Dreams

she is ill / she is well 
collage by Renee Podunovich

dream lure

morning is fresh wind in bones, monsoons,
a hope that gestated all night: to feel ease,
easy all summer, eating flowers
for breakfast, becoming their colors
(only in the sunshine) skin
like peacock feathers, prismatic, dressed
to enter the pageantry of being awake

            night eyes— weighty rubies that finally close,
            receive instruction on how to arrange letters
            made of electricity and silk threads
            in a geometric pattern only understood in sleep

waking again (endless) all of it gone,
La Platas at Dusk
photo by Renee Podunovich
disappearing night lands,
enchanted nocturnal wilderness
that daily commotion eclipses

            all day long- business,
            aware that I left many soul tasks
            undone in the dreamtime,
            in daylight I am a sunflower,
            must follow that solar gaze
            all the way to its descent in the far west

then darkness (released) slip
into mysteries, freedom within ever-
unfolding, belong in the shadows,
lightless flight, the dream-maker is my
courtesan, let her take me dancing, follow
her lead, fluently, limber, willing
to let go, my daytime costume
unbuttoned, persona undone—
            exposing my nocturnal essence,
            a perfume of self
            unbound: saline, willow bark, roses,
            top notes of lemon and still, surprisingly

-Renee Podunovich, Late Summer 2019

Banquet at Coyote Rock
mural by Sonja Horoshko @ 30 N Beech